“After listening to a few of Marshall’s tracks, It’s obvious this young woman has an exceptional gift. Her voice has exceptional range and her ability to sing the blues is second to none.”



“While many voices are strong……Kamilah‘s voice is STRONGER”.

-The Gazette , Denver, CO


Kamilah Marshall impresses mightily withGypsy Moonshine; blending multiple musical styles with a story-telling gift that is more advanced than you often find on a debut album. Marshall’s voice is a thing of beauty, full of nuance and power, grit ,beauty, and an ability to inhabit each song she sings with a wealth of inspiration and emotion.Gypsy Moonshine is certain to be on a few year-end lists

-Wildy’s World


“When one looks at Kamilah Marshalls CD, it belies a very hard working, almost ubiquitous performer and must wonder how she is not yet a certified household name”.

– Music Zietgeist Magazine



-Nile Rodgers. Music Producer, David Bowie, Madonna


“A true artist, Kamilah Marshall has the ability to take any song….twist it…turn it….reharmonize it and mold it into a genre all it’s own…an incredibly sultry voice…”

-Bette Sussman. Whitney Houston, MD Bette Midler


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